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Lean Principles

Getting fit starts by getting a brand new mindset.

Lean Attitude

Optimistic, realistic, honest with self. Willing to see the benefits of the changes and actively pursues a better personal state. Fat attitudes = fat minds and body. This is where the rubber meets the road folks. You have to come to terms with the fact we need help to become healthier and fitter. Your attitude will determine how successful we can be in all areas. Being honest about your current out-of-shapeness will give you a real starting point to benchmark your progress.

Lean Thinking

Active, progressive, willing to commit and make changes. Fat thinkers do not move physically or mentally. This is where you put your attitude into a plan of attack.  How are you going to attack that fat, that tiredness, that lazy feeling?  How are you going to change your eating and your exercise? How? How? How?  By mapping out your success.  Researching, asking questions, and understanding what it will take to make these life altering changes.

Lean Action

We move with purpose now. We have goals that we can measure and we actively pursue. Here is easy part...just start to move.  Get active.  Follow your plan.  Everything you do now is in pursuit of your ultimate goal of a healthier, fitter you!  I said it was easy...reality is, it is a lot of hard work and sweat.  Yes, sweat.  You will be achy, tired and hungry.  But ultimately you will be healthier, however you define that, you will become.  It is all worth it.

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