PFG StampTo begin, we want to make clear; the three of us are neither doctors, food scientists, biochemists, nor professional athletes of any kind. We are, however, are three previously fat guys who woke up one day and decided to just not be fat anymore. Novel concept huh…clothes don’t fit, face is round etc. So, if you wanted to give us a title we would say we are “trial and error-ists”.

Many, many moons ago (think back to our college years…) the three of us were lifting enthusiasts; our quest for muscular bulk knew no bounds. We had all of our training dialed in but never got a handle on the food part of our lifestyle. Jump ahead 20 years and we found ourselves pudgy (some more than others), tired, yucky feeling (yes, yucky is a technical term) and not fitting into our clothes well (or at all). All of us at one point tried various diets, training, and quick fat loss remedies. Some worked, some didn’t, none permanent.

Now, you may balk at some of what we share. You may scoff at the things we claim. You may even laugh at us for the changes and sacrifices we have made, or be offended at our hatred of fat (not fat people, but the fat that makes people fat), but what you can’t deny are the whole health changes that we each have experienced personally. And it is our sincere desire to share the knowledge we have gained and feel obligated to pass on what others have shared with us.

This doesn’t happen over night, just like getting fat didn’t happen over night. It wasn’t that one last cookie or piece of cake that put you over the edge. It was years of ‘one last cookie’ that did it. But there is hope and we can show you how not all of your weight woes are your fault, but it will take commitment, dedication, and WORK (sorry, I didn’t mean to swear there) to undo what we all so masterfully did to ourselves.

Helping you find the “Better You” is our primary focus. Take what you can from us, and use it to make changes you never thought possible. It’s what we did. Experience the Revolution and dEVOLVE into the best ‘YOU’ that you can become. You will be glad you did!

Jeffrey, Mike, and Tony
(The 3 previously fat guys)

Meet Jeffrey.

Previously Fat Guy #1

For over twenty years, I struggled with weight. Not always fat (although that is where I ended up) but never lean. In college, I was an avid and intensely frustrated body builder because I could achieve strength and size easily but never the lean, cut, muscular look I so desperately wanted. My health deteriorated over the years until eventually, I ended up at 274 lbs, extremely high blood pressure and pre-diabetic. I lied to myself and said I was fine (I dressed in black because it is “slimming”) but it was the day my fat pants decided to not fit that I realized I had to do something.

Today I am an active runner, cyclist, and triathlete. I have completed the 2015 Louisville Ironman, and am training for my second full Ironman in Chattanooga this year.  This is proof that you can change and achieve awesome things with determination.

I have gained a passion to share this knowledge and help other people to achieve their own goals of not being fat anymore.  Fat was a choice for me and I now choose lean and healthy. I have a true testimony of improved health and I want to be that example of what a little bit of determination and knowledge can do for the average person. I am no expert, but I know what worked.

Meet Mike.



Previously Fat Guy #2

I am a work in progress. About 13 years ago, I met my beautiful wife. When we were first dating, we went to the gym together and were very active.  Working longer hours and wanting to spend time with my daughter quickly put working out at the bottom of my to do list.  So, I have now embarked on a journey of change. Not only of my weight but my entire body. I believe that with modern technology as well as nutrition and supplementation we can now achieve amazing results that were thought impossible to us.

Meet Tony.


Previously Fat Guy #3

Hello World (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) Come on tell me you haven’t thought about saying that one day on national TV…well considering I might not ever get that chance, I’m taking it here.

Since my wife is five years younger than me, I started thinking I’d better get off my ass and start catching up. I wanted to stop embarrassing myself and be the man she deserves to have in a picture with her. I know that sounds vain, and it probably is, but doesn’t she deserve me to strive to be the best me I can be? Doesn’t your spouse or significant other? In Oct of 2011, I started working out.  It was not Crossfit but something I could really get into: heavy Olympic lifting.

I can’t say it’s been easy.  I never knew I could be so sore (getting older sucks, especially if you just sit back and let it happen), or feel so good about puking (although Jeff used to make me puke almost every leg day in college).  But what I can say is that I have enjoyed every minute of it. I’m not where I want to be YET, but I’m moving in the right direction.  I want to emphasize that I am not an EXPERT by any stretch of the imagination but I am willing to find the answers to your questions and bring the word and knowledge of experts to you, and hopefully become wiser myself along the way. I look forward to the Journey with all of you.