Candie Bobick: Athlete Profile

Ok,  dEVOLVE Nation…here we go!  The first athlete profile for 2015.  Each month we want to profile some of the awesome athletes out there making an impact in changing their own lives through healthy lifestyles changes and challenges.  Candie Bobick is just such a person.  I have known Candie for about two years through a previous OCR team, and have had the privilege to race with her in a couple Spartan races. She truly exemplifies the example of leaving it all out on the course when she competes.  Candie says she is hanging up her racing shoes for other equally challenging pursuits, I think you find her story inspiring and motivating!  Here she is…

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Name: Candie Bobick

Hometown: Chicago

Age: 39

Occupation: Service Manager for MINI Cooper

Hobbies: I guess weight lifting is my biggest hobby and it does not leave time for much else. However, when I do find extra time I love watching movies, playing board games and video games, and I enjoy reading

When did you start your fitness journey?

I started in May of 2010, but really started to focus and get more strict in January of 2012

Why do you train?

I train to look and feel better, and of course, get stronger.

What do you hope to accomplish with your training/fitness?

I hope to stay healthy and get stronger. When I regularly workout, I want to eat right and I am sure to take my supplements. If I slack on training, diet and nutrition gets bad and I start to feel horrible. Staying on track just keeps me wanting more. I hope to motivate others to get up and move! Do things! Try new things! See in themselves what I see in them! We are all our own worst critic and naysayer… I want people to know it’s ok to think bigger than you ever thought and go after things you never thought attainable! Also, the dedication it takes I hope is seen by my son and nieces and nephew so hopefully they look up to me as a role model. I want them to know you can do anything if you put forth the work and dedication.

What do you think a healthy lifestyle has added to your life?

YEARS!!! Honestly, I was in a pretty dark place before I started training. It pulled me off of what could have been a deadly path and put me on a very bright, new path. It has given me a very positive mental attitude, it has helped me want to help others, and it has helped me feel better about pretty much everything, but mostly, myself.

Nutrition Philosophy?

Eat clean, eat real food, eat a lot of real food… just eat. So many people, mostly women, don’t realize you need to eat to stay healthy, lose belly fat and feel better all around. However, you need to eat REAL food! Stay away from processed garbage and get back to just real food.

Cheat Food?

Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Cheese Fries, Ice Cream, Cake, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Fried Pickles

Music or no music to train?

Up until recently I never used music. Now, if I am doing sprints, I need music to get through it. If my weight lifting partner isn’t there with me, I also use music. It just keeps me focused.

Injury Setbacks?

Shoulders are a mess so I have to be careful with them. They don’t hurt, they just give out sometimes. My knee is a mess too. Had physical therapy and gel injections in the fall and I don’t have pain anymore, but mobility is very, very limited

Biggest Race Accomplishments?

I think every race I have ever done is a huge accomplishment. Especially because I hate running. To start… that alone is huge!!!! In 2013 I started doing the men’s obstacles in Spartan Races and then just became the norm for me. Running 2, 3 or even 4 laps… also quite the accomplishment. I’ve done races, obstacle and road and trail, with a weight vest. I ran through sand with an elevation mask. I started and finished the Summer Death Race. I feel like I have done everything in the world of racing… this is why I am leaving the world of racing for now. Time for a new challenge.


Live Each Day

Next Race or Fitness Goal?

My next race is actually this week. I am doing the Dopey Challenge. Then no more racing really. Time to start focusing on my next goal. Figure Competition… I have my first competition June 27th!!!!

Advice to beginners?

Don’t be afraid to start something new. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet. Be kind and stay humble.

One fun fact no one would guess about you!

I ran an ultra marathon before I ran a half or even a full marathon 🙂

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