Consistency Is Key

As the clock ticks down to my “official” training start (4/1/2015) for the Ironman I am surprised at how consistency in my strength training has really made a difference in my over fitness.  I feel stronger, and am recovering faster despite working harder.  My runs have been really strong and that is very exciting.

I am scheduled to have my body composition tested on Wednesday…scary to say the least.  It will give me a baseline for my weight and body fat %.  I have three weeks until the Surf City Half and I have very specific goals of being under 209 and under 20% body fat.  Weight itself has become less of an issue because I intend to build lean muscle throughout all of my training.


I know some of the purest endurance athletes will roll their eyes and my combination of muscle-building and endurance training…and in a sense they do require different discipline.  But I think I can reach a happy medium with the program I am working and the advice I am receiving.  Today I put up 165# on the bench and 155# on my squats.  Not numbers to write home about but solid efforts that focused on form and base building.  I am confident those numbers will quickly rise over the next month or so.

They key I am learning is to listen to my body.  If I feel strong I can push it, if not, or if my body simply says back off…I listen.  In the old days, I would have pushed through, ultimately causing injury and setbacks.  I believe 2015 will be my healthiest and strongest year of my life.


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