Dare to Achieve

I want to ask a question, and please be honest with your answer. How many of you have ever set out to lose a competition or contest? Who here has walked out of their home in the morning and thought to themselves, “Boy, I hope I am mediocre today!” Did you ever hit the field as an athlete hoping to and striving for second place? Do you think you are overpaid and would like to make a little less? Raise your hand if you have answered yes to any of those questions. Waiting, waiting…I did not think so. Why then, is it that we have in the back of our minds the desire to achieve, to win, to excel at almost everything we do, but fail to allow ourselves to manifest it into a reality?


OK, you’re asking, “Jeffrey, what is your point?”  My point is this…I believe, and I was guilty of this, that when it comes to our health and fitness we have been striving for mediocrity or less.  We have become complacent in our fatness (remember 65% of Americans can be considered obese).  Fat became the new normal; just wear large baggy dark clothes and no one will notice my front butt (front butt – when your gut is so huge it’s stuffed down into your pants and looks like your butt).  Not quite!


What I am saying is we have to dare to be better. Dar to look better. Dare to feel better. Not for vanity sake but for our own health’s sake.  Do you have a family, significant other, friends who care about you?  Do it for them as well.  I came to the realization of how disrespectful I had become towards my wife by becoming fat.  21 years together and she has gained maybe 5 lbs…me, I had gained almost 70.  Way not cool. My daughter cried when the WiiFit labeled me obese. When your video games call you fat…you are fat and its time to do something.

So set some goals to achieve the best healthy you possible!


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