Diary of a Madman: Band on the Run 5K

OK got a great run in this morning. 5K only (and I say “only” because my training runs are normally longer than that unless I am pressed for time). This was great inaugural race for the local high school band fundraising. Over 300 people registered. A fast hilly little course with a mixture of track and road surfaces.

Humidity caught up at about 2.5 miles but despite all of that I busted out another PR. 24:11. I tried to keep up with the few sprinters that started but they quickly dropped me. So I settled in and ran a fast pace for me. I knew it was fast because my breathing was pretty labored but my legs felt good.

I say all of this because two years ago I couldn’t run at all. To the mailbox was about my distance. My first 5K race I did in about 36 minutes September of 2012. This year I have managed to drop over two minutes of my 5K time since 01/01/14.

Why am I sharing? One, because when we hit goals we need to share. Maybe not all of the details but let others know so they can help encourage and keep you accountable. Two, because I didn’t try to get faster this year (yes I wanted to) but my focus was my overall fitness level. That’s what I believe got me to this point. I focused on whole body wellness, solid training (and cross training) and the results came on their own. I never train that fast and to feel my body respond to what I asked of it was a great feeling.

Set your goals big, focus on the “ZERO” and your results will come. Be awesome today!

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