Diary of a Madman: Closer to zero

Stardate 812015:

Well work messed up my riding plans for this morning. I will have to make up for it later with a few sets of burpees and core work. If you don’t know what a burpee is just google how to do a burpee.


Great body weight exercise and a fantastic addition to any workout. I like to throw them into my runs periodically. Every few miles drop and bust out 10-20 burpees and keep going.
Anyway, no ride this morning, core work tonight. The key is that I keep progressing towards the goals I set for 2015. A good friend of mine Jim Bush asked the other day, “How do you want to enter your 50’s?” He said what we do today effects that goal. I applied that to my immediate training. How do I want to enter my 2015 race goals? What I do today effects that. What you do today effects how you perform, feel, or execute your own personal goals. I look at that goal or goals as the “ZERO” and everything we do is a countdown to that “ZERO”. So how do we get “Closer to Zero”?
Progression and commitment, regardless of how small gets you closer. So for example…for me today, missing my ride changes how I approach everything else I do today fitnesswise (not really a word but you get it). I readjust my workout objective and I make sure I focus on my nutrition, which should always be a focus. But for me, I can put on lbs by thinking about food so it is important I focus and not stray from that. Others can be a little more relaxed in that area so know your body and eat accordingly.
My most immediate goal is an Olympic distance triathlon in two weeks (my immediate “ZERO”), so my efforts to achieve that work well into my larger goals for 2015. I believe it is important to have intermediate goals to look forward to. I know for me, without goals training can become a chore.
So as you train or begin to workout or simply just start to make new and healthy lifestyle choices, determine your “ZERO” (and you will have many) and make sure whatever you are doing is getting you closer to it. Be awesome and train well.

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”

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