Diary of a Madman: Road to 2015 Ironman…Thoughts from the run.

So, the 2014 Louisville Ironman finished yesterday.  Several people I know competed and completed!  very awesome to watch and follow them throughout the race.  Even more awesome to feel that motivation to continue my journey to that event next year.  Congrats to all that entered, competed, and completed.  Inspiring to say the least.

I keep saying “Today is day one of my training”  I guess I have to get to day two at some point!  So today I say is Day two!  I busted out a 6.1 mile run, mildly hilly, very humid, dodged a ton of traffic!  As I ran I thought about some of the Facebook posts about the Louisville IM and saw the excitement of participant and spectators throughout the whole event and yes, I will admit, I pretended I was finishing the IM as I ran down Anderson road this morning.  So if anyone saw me with my fists raised over my head and waving to the imaginary crowd, I was not delusionary, just lost in my own little moment for a second.  I can safely say I have my finish line pose down!  Something else that I saw posted was that someone made note that it was easy to admire the professionals and their own physical accomplishments but even more we have to admire the others, the everyday people who have regular jobs, balancing life, and training and still manage to complete this extraordinary feat of racing. Inspires me even more to work hard to get there and even more so…it makes me feel part of a unique group of people, everyday people getting out a preparing for something this big.  I truly believe I can do this.  Next step is completing the Chicago Half Marathon on October 25th.  Anyone want to join me?

Anyway, 6.1 miles today…goal is 30-35 miles this week on foot.  I just have a itch to run this week don’t know why.

Weight was still hovering at 205 (Grrr!) I am taking suggestions in this area.

Had an awesome juice this morning that my fantastic wife prepared:  oranges, lemons, spinach, red and green pepper, ginger, and she snuck some baby carrots in!  This juice was great and very energizing after my run.  I highly recommend it!

Nothing tremendously profound today other than get out and do something, walk, run, ride…something.  You will feel better if you do.  Eat well today and try something new, a juice, a healthy snack, ditch the soda today for water.  Make one improvement over yesterday and start or continue that road to a healthier fitter you.

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”







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