Diary of a Madman: The eve of…


Ok.  Here I sit. The eve of another big commitment.  We accomplished the 70.3 triathlon, not without a fair share of suffering but we finished it.  I roll out my next plan.  Ironman 2015 (undecided on venue yet) most likely will be Louisville, Racine, or Muncie.  Yes it will be another 70.3…initially.  If I feel good about my training and where I stand that may change and we go for the full 140.6.  Yikes.

So what do I need to do?  Well 8/1/14 I plan to really tailor my training and nutrition to meet each specific goal to accomplish this.  My nutrition has to be dialed in (I have calf cramp issues that I believe are hydration and nutrition related), and I need to achieve a better functional race weight.  My swim discipline has to improve…2.4 miles in the water seems like, well, 2.4 miles! My cycling has to improve.  I am not yet a very efficient cyclist and only time on the bike will help this.  Intervals here I come (thank you Mike Smith).  And though I consider myself a runner first, running after the other two disciplines is a whole other animal.

So here is where I am at going into Day 1:

Weight: 206 Goal is to be at or under 185 to start 2015 race season.

Swim: 1.2 @ 43 minutes.  Goal is to be at or under 35

Bike: 56 miles @ 3:15+.  Goal is 2:45 or better

Run: 13.1 @ 2:59 (triathlon) 2:04 (regular half mary).  Goal is 2:30 Tri, 1:45 (Half)

I will post my journey here and welcome feedback, training tips and plain old accountability.

2015 is going to be huge and I plan on taking my body to another level…help me get there!

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