Diary of a Madman: Training update…Road to Ironman 2015

Ok…training this week was subpar.  Two reasons caused this, work schedule and easing off for the YMCA Mind, Body, and Spirit Triathlon tomorrow.  I fully understand the need to physically tapper and prepare for the race but I struggle mentally in not being active and in my normal training routine.  Anyone else struggle with this?

I got three days of running in.  Short runs in my new Cloudrunner ON shoes.  Really liking these shoes.  https://www.on-running.com/en-us.  I have moved back up a bit from my zero drop shoes as my calves for various reason (I don’t fault the shoes) just haven’t adjusted to longer runs.  To have calves this size fail me is perplexing to say the least but understanding the physiology of how training , nutrition, and the mechanics of endurance running all fit together helps me get a better idea.  So if you are curious about these shoes check out the link they explain it better than I do.  I will be writing a longer review of them after a few more miles.

Race weight looks like it will be about 204-205.  Not great but holding, 188-187 is the target.  I have some work to do and after this race am focusing on specific performance improvement and muscle strength for cycling.  Funny thing, this morning I read an article on beginner triathletes who were primarily runner prior to tri’s and it talked about struggling on the bike and gave some great pointers on cycling improvement that wont sacrifice the run training.  Actually, the thought is cycling will help maintain and improve the run with less running…go figure.  I know, hard core runners will have to adjust but only during tri season.

Looking forward to the Olympic distance tomorrow.  It will be my second tri, the first 70.3, so this should be in my wheel house if I get through the swim!!  My training partner Dan will smoke me in the water and on the bike so my only hope to finish in sight of him is on the run…this means you calves!

Nutrition has been spotty.  Not unhealthy but I did not dial it in as tight as I wanted.  Tonight I am not going to veer from my normal routine and tomorrow the only change I am making is hydrating more on the bike.  I will have 48 ounces with me so I think that should suffice for 25 miles.  I am out of my Nutrilite energy chews that did me well last race.  Tony Bacon if you have any sitting around I will pay top dollar for the citrus flavor!

Mentally I am feeling focused.  I had many changes this past month and things are settling down.  This is the last tri of the year for me…road races and a ultra-trail run left…I look forward to the 2015 tri season.  If you can come out to the race and cheer us on please do.  If not…any well wishes here or on Facebook are most appreciated!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”


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