Evansville Half Marathon 2015


Been a few days since I last wrote about my journey.  Life keeps getting in the way of my race and training time!! I had a great weekend and I’ll tell you why…I registered last minute (I did not think I would be able to run this race) for the Evansville Indiana Half marathon this past Saturday.  I needed something to help amp up my motivation going into the end of the year and I thought this would be it for a couple of reasons:

1. Its local and a great race.  I love supporting local events that are done well.  This one certainly is done well.  Kudos!

2. This was my first road half marathon last year. My first ever.  Had never ran that distance on pavement ever at that time.  My buddy Dan and I had run the Indian/Celina Challenge the prior June but that was a trail run.  2013 was my first half on the road.  I finished last year with a time of 2:11+.


Since then I have run a myriad of races including two more half marathons, the St. Louis Rock -n- Roll Half (2:04+)and the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA.(2:07+).  I wanted to come back to my inaugural half and see where I stood and how much I had improved…if any.

Being plagued with calf cramps this entire past year I have searched and worked on a number of different solutions to quell the cramps.  I think I have finally gotten it!  Basically, nutrition and hydration were the two culprits.  I did change shoes to the ON Cloudrunners as well.

This year I was determined to start with a steady pace, see where I was at the halfway mark and decide whether I could push it or not.  I started with the 2:00 pacer group and after 5 miles I felt I was ready to push my own boundaries.  I had negative splits all the way through.  10 of the miles under 9 minute/mile averages the other three only a few seconds over.  Not breaking the sound barrier but believe me…this is a big deal.  I had almost given up thinking the half distance or further may never be in my cards.  I finished at 1:56:41 officially and still had more in the tank.  I was elated but also remiss that I didn’t push harder.  Oh well.  Next race!

Speaking of the next race!  The Chicago Monster Dash Half Marathon is coming up this month 10/25/14.  I am gearing up for that and ready to hit another sub 2:00 run…(I haven’t told my legs yet but we are shooting for sub 1:55).

Evansville was a great race, with a great route, great weather and a great pace group to get me started steady.  With out them I would have flown out of the gate and probably risked the sub 2:00.  Thank you pace group!

On the nutrition side I am still struggling to get to my preferred race weight for Chicago.  I wanted to be 5 lbs closer than I am right now…210lbs…sad face.  I really want to be under 205 for the race and have enlisted my buddy Jeremy Thiem and his BodybyVi products to help jumpstart my metabolism once again.  I know it has worked for many people and I am eager to see the results.  For the record I am usually not one to try a bunch of different things to manage my weight and health.  Good old fashioned hard work and clean eating is my usual motto.  But After seeing the success of so many people particularly a few I know personally, I though it time to investigate it and put it to the test for the next 90 days.  I’ll keep you posted.

One word of caution to everyone…these next two months tend to be big eating months…Halloween and Thanksgiving…make smart choices…don’t deny yourself or that fall off the wagon will hurt.  Just remember moderation my friends!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”

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