Gym Review: theGYMkc


Our second stop on our gym review tour is a cool multi-location outfit in Kansas City called theGYMkc!  Three locations, convenient for just about everyone, eclectic and full of energy, get down to business gyms.  One of my questions when I travel and look for gyms is, “do they have a real squat rack and free weights to throw around”?  Some places do some don’t, some do with conditions (no sweating, eye contact, breathing heavy etc).  theGYMkc only asks that you keep the grunting and spandex down to a minimum. 


Every type of fitness is represented in their facilities from beginners to elite athletes.  All types of activities are available, cardio, free weights, classes of different types, yoga, and personal trainers.  You name it and you can find it at their locations.  I can honestly say I believe anyone will comfortable in these three locations.  I had a chance to work out in their River Market location.  Probably the coolest gym environment I’ve ever had a chance to train in.  Yes, squat racks!  This location had a very old school gym vibe despite the cardio machines.  Lots of free weights and plenty of space.  I also visited their Uptown location.  Different decor, music, atmosphere but still equipped to allow you to bust out a great workout. 

Your memberships are good at any location 24/7.  They don’t really do contracts, so when you talk to Monica, tell her what you need and they can probably figure out how to make it work for you.  Their philosophy is to get people active and healthy, and do it in a cool, safe, comfortable environment. That is exactly how dEvolve Fitness rolls.

Check out their website,, to see everything they offer.  They have a great user-friendly website, and it is witty as well!

The breakdown:

  • Beginner friendly
  • Safe locations
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Super friendly staff

This is definitely Devolve’s go-to training location when we are in the KC area.  Check it out.  You won’t be disappointed!  Our goal is to motivate you to get active.  theGYMkc is fun and they work hard to make sure you not only get a great workout but enjoy yourself as well.  Do yourself a favor and go see Monica and see what theGYMkc is all about!

100% devolveFitness approved!

Jeffrey Smith

Previously Fat Guy


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