I am an Elite Athlete!

Corn Feds,

Here I sit.  T-minus 64 hours until the Surf City Half marathon in Huntington Beach, CA.  My nerves seem to amped up a bit, more than usual.  Maybe because I am sitting at work in southern Indiana and the race is in California.  I hate flying so that has me out of sorts and trying to pack everything in a carry-on bag (I hate checking luggage even more than flying), worrying about my nutrition for the next two days, and stressed about my own performance has me way out of sorts.

My usual focus is finishing the race under my own power!  Secondly, I focus on improving over my last race, not necessarily being faster (who am I kidding, I always try to be faster) but improving my running over all.  Form, pace, navigating aid stations, and recognizing how my body feels and running accordingly are my overall goals.  To be a better (yes faster) runner and athlete…even at 43 years of age.

I have added the extra pressure of trying to film this race with my GoPro camera.  I am not techy so I will admit that is intimidating, silly I know but it does cause me angst.  Running is such an individual sport and being able to share a few moments from “inside” the race is an exciting prospect.  One that I hope will inspire others to set fitness goals and push themselves to positively change their physical and mental well beings.

Despite my anxiety I am so pumped to run this race, not for the distance, (its a half and I have run several) but for the sense of accomplishment it marks for me.  Two years ago I was unhealthy and way over-fat.  Today I still have work to do but 60+ lbs later and much effort I am traveling across the country to participate in well established run.  I don’t consider myself an elite athlete by any means but a privileged one instead.  To think that I am probably in the minority of those traveling over 2000 miles to run for two hours (actually I hope to only run for 1 hour 59 minutes!) make me feel like an elite athlete and that is a cool feeling.

“So what?”, you ask.  Well, the So What is that even writing this I feel calmer and more excited to travel, run, and represent our group in this race.  I am even more excited to edit the video and share highlights of the event and bring some awesome bling back to add to my collection.  My point being is that regardless of the runs, events or goals we accomplish, we are awesome for even trying.

I am off now to represent and aim to do so in honor of the all the people who have encouraged me.

Thank you Corn Feds



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