Ironman Training Update

Training had me riding 56 mile route this past Saturday. Had several members of Yellow Dog Cycling and the Southern Indiana Triathlon Team join me to keep me company. 56 miles can be a lonely day. Having a group also lets you push yourself a little harder. So I do recommend group riding whenever…more fun and safer.

RAIN 5 Finish
The ride was mostly uneventful though we did encounter less than friendly dogs along the route. The feisty wiener dog was the one that gave us the longest run. Go figure. On the way back I hit two pretty big gnat swarms. I suppose that can count as protein intake for the day. Yuck.
The main purpose for this ride…for me anyway…was to start dialing in my fueling and monitor how the supplements I have been using for leg fatigue and cramping (Salt Stik and magnesium) are effecting me. The good news is that I did not feel and cramping in my calves or lower back during the whole ride. Last year at this time I would have started to feel the start of cramps around 26-30 miles. I changed my fueling routine and ate prior to the ride and maintained a fuel schedule of every 15-20 minutes. I alternated solid food and Nutrilite cubes (I will also use Sports Beans). I’ve been hydrating with Pedialyte but have been advised to utilize a drink that is specific for sports so I will experiment this week prior to the Toughman Aquabike in Richmond, IN 5/30/15.

I was surprised at how well my legs felt after the ride. I could have added a run for sure. Actual ride time was right around 3 hours +. Didn’t push it hard but kept a steady pace. There was a point around the 40 mile mark I felt like I was bonking but I pushed through that and seemed to get a good solid energy boost to finish the last 11 miles strong.
Sunday I was able to get a good hour run in. Legs felt good. Temperature was warm so I had to adjust some for that but was able to get some hilly practice in. My only mistake was not bringing my hydration belt with me as I could have used 10-20 ounces of liquid to help keep my pace up. I really thought I would have heavy tired legs after the ride the day before but after about ¾ of a mile I was really able to settle in. It was a good run.
I am doing my best to follow my coaches ( training schedule for me. It is really amazing how having a solid routine and not just haphazardly trying to train has helped me. I recommend to anyone to have a routine, if not a coach, to help them prepare for big races. There are days that I admit I don’t always understand the purpose of the particular training she has me doing but it is not my place to question just trust and do. What I can say is that all of my training seems to be building upon the previous work she schedules so it is very easy to notice progress. Well worth it!
Shoulder update – better! I should be 100% by race time this Saturday!
Ride, run, and train safe!


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