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Why Join

Because we said so!  Seriously, we are passionate about helping the average Joe (or Steve, or Bill, or Sue…) accomplish dramatic changes and goals with commitment and  little knowledge. We want to inspire you to do great things whatever they are.  Do you want to run a race, bench press Herculean weight, squat a truck, swim the English channel ( maybe not that, but we will find someone to help you if you really want). By sharing and showing testimonies of people just like you that are making these changes, we hope to help you reach new levels in your personal fitness goals!

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What it Means to Join

It means you are awesome!  Duh!  You will have access to our blog, motivation and exercise challenges, athlete profiles, and interviews. Additionally, you will be able to read and share in all of the exploits the three of us are up to and where we are in our fitness journey…good and bad (watch us suffer). You will be able to submit your stories and become part of the dEVOLVUTION rEVOLUTION. You will get exclusive access to our Facebook group where we will post challenges, share videos and offer giveaways you aren’t going to find anywhere else. You will be with other like-minded people, who will motivate you, and help you make the positive healthy lifestyle changes. Join us today and start dEVOLVING into the best version of yourself! Woo Hoo!!


How to Join

To start, enter your email in the form on the side of the page (just scroll up a little. you’ll see it: SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL). Soon, you will be receiving race discounts and other amazing opportunities. Honestly, what are you waiting for? It is painless and 100% free! You should also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (all the cool people do) to keep up to date with everything that is happening at dEVOLVE! We have big plans, big, big plans, Grand Canyon big!. Let’s see where our fitness journey takes us.