Laughter is the Best Exercise

laughter exercise 2Another post by guest-blogger, Linda Doty.

Have you ever laughed so hard that you checked for abs afterward?

Yeah, me neither.

I’m not sure how many calories laughing burns, but it’s gotta be more than whining about how unfair it is that when I just walk past cake I gain two pounds.

Well, probably. How would I know? I mean, who can just walk past cake, right? What, am I Kate Moss or something?

But it is true that I gain weight very easily and work my ass off to lose every pound. I’m sure many of you feel the same way – I know I’m not unique in this regard. But, hey, we all gotta play the hand we’re dealt. There is no magic bullet no matter how hard you prayed while you watched that infomercial.

Not everyone is like us. I once divorced a man just because he could eat whatever he wanted and never gain weight.  OK, there may have been a few more factors but the never gaining weight thing was definitely on my spreadsheet and it may have been on there in bold and highlighted in yellow.  Jerk.

My perception is that men lose weight much more easily than women. I don’t know what science says and I don’t care because it’d probably be a bunch of skinny man-scientists telling me I’m wrong.  My 2nd husband (keep up, will ya?) once decided he wanted to lose a few pounds so he cut back from having three pieces of toast with his bacon and eggs to two pieces of toast with his bacon and eggs. A few months later, the scale was down by thirty pounds.  Jerk.

Anyone reading this who follows me on social media probably knows I tweet / post about food a lot.  I’ve had people comment on it. (Jerks!) The truth is, I’ve been hungry since 1983. I can segment the hours of my life into three distinct time categories:  preparing food, eating food, thinking about eating food.

I know what you’re saying. “Linda, have a cheeseburger.”  No? Damn. OK, fine. Maybe you’re saying “Linda, you need to see a professional.” But really, $100 an hour is a lot to pay to lie on a couch and think about food, don’t you think? I do that at home all the time for free.

I’m playing the hand I was dealt. Most days, I work out for an hour or so. Most days, I have 2 reasonable meals. Most days, I do walk past the cake. I haven’t given up and I fight the good fight for better health and for the right to bare arms.  Most days.

On any given day, whether the scale blesses me with good news or bad, I cope with it through laughter. And while that doesn’t necessarily lower the numbers on my scale, it does wonders for the numbers on my blood pressure meter.

How do you cope? Do you laugh through it all? DO YOU WANT TO?? I’m sharing some of my favorite tweets about diet and fitness below. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

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Linda Doty claims to be a writer, mostly because she’s already quit her other job and ‘writer’ sounds way more impressive than bum. You can see her work in several places besides her mother’s refrigerator. She’s contributed to a couple hilarious books available on Amazon. She occasionally blogs at You can follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @LindaInDisguise.


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