The last two posts dealt with the first two principles I identified that helped me get off the couch and start making smart, healthy choices for myself.  They were primarily mindset focused and really set the stage for the final, but not least important, principle.  It is the principle of LEAN ACTIONS!

  • Lean Actions – We move with purpose now.  We have goals that we can measure and we actively pursue not only improving ourselves but also sharing what we learn with others.  I believe our successes obligate us to help others.

Everything we do now, our training, eating, preparing…all of it is focused on our end goal of achieving a healthier, fitter, more energetic you!  You might think I am suggesting becoming overly obsessive but that’s far from the truth.  What I am saying is that we choose to make solid healthy decisions and we actively incorporate those into our lives…building a lifestyle not just completing a diet or a short term workout regime that may produce short term results but fails to build a foundation for lasting success.


We do things like take the stairs versus elevators or escalators.  We choose the salad option at lunch versus the burger, or better yet, we prepare healthy meals to avoid the temptations of unhealthy choices away from home.  And most importantly we seek opportunities to share the successes we are having.  Tell people about the awesome lunch you had.  When people ask you what you are doing to get healthy don’t shy away from telling them.  More people than you think are looking for answers just like you did but are afraid or want “the easy way” out answers.  Be honest and encouraging.

It is also very important to “Walk the Walk”.  I have my vices…M&M’s…Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, but in moderation and in accordance to your goals.  People are quick to judge and some will use seeing you “treat” yourself as a reason to not make good choices.  I had someone recently admonish me pretty harshly because I was snacking on a small bag of M&M’s…what they chose to ignore was I ran 13 miles that morning, was hydrating well with only water, my lunch was grilled chicken and fresh raw yellow peppers. I earned and planned for that snack.  Regardless be careful and make sure your treats are well deserved.  We all need them from time to time!

Finally, LEAN ACTION means you push yourself…hard!  You will hear me quote this often, “Change happens outside of your comfort zone.”  Make that change happen.  The human body is an extraordinary machine and is capable of tremendous things.  You will be amazed!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”

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