“LEAN” Thinking…Step 2 in changing your life

Last post we talked about having a LEAN Attitude, principle one in my LEAN Principles…it recognized the need for change and it identified your willingness to accept that change will not be easy.  Today I want to offer up my second “LEAN” principle.

LEAN Thinking

LEAN Thinkers are progressive in their approach to making healthy changes.  They have accepted that they need to change and are now willing to start committing to a plan to achieve their vision of healthy success.  They are positive. People who have success in any area, are generally positive people (not always).  Don’t get me wrong, there is frustration, confusion at times, and even self-doubt might creep in, but they never let that hinder their overall progression towards their goal.  LEAN Thinkers are problem solvers.

I had to learn to be a LEAN Thinker.  I had a million excuses as to why I couldn’t lose weight, why I couldn’t get in shape and why I was doomed to be fat and unhealthy.  I even told myself I didn’t care anymore, though the period of time I avoided looking in mirrors or taking pictures tells a different story.  I did care.  And because of that I had to become a LEAN Thinker, a problem solver.

I had to research and put together an plan of action that was realistic and would get me to where I wanted to be in a safe and healthy way.  What I found was that once my mind was fully engaged with my plan…achievements were obtained faster and faster.  I hit benchmarks quicker than I thought I could, and I made progress in ways I didn’t even plan on.  Not only did my health improve, but my outlook on my self improved.  I began to become a whole person by becoming less of one!  A thinner, healthier me, created and more energetic, happier, and better me!

A LEAN Thinker finds answers, tries new things, and looks at setbacks as simply “one step closer to success”.  You see, everyday I got out and worked my plan was a day of success because I either succeeded, or I discovered what didn’t work and moved on.   Start thinking LEAN today!!

Jeffrey “Previously Fat Guy”

Be awesome today!!



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