Lesson learned

The good old days…

Recently I began adding some powerlifting into my training routine.  At the suggestion of a friend I have employed a 5X5 Stronglift routine to help improve my lean muscle mass, fat burning, and overall strength.  I don’t have any real suggestions for others that want to embark on this journey of insanity except check the ego at the door.

Many years ago…23+ to be exact, I was an avid lifter.  I was always strong and felt I could lift in most gyms without feeling out of place.  That was…many…years ago.  Today…not so confident.  MY max weights are much lighter, my recovery is longer, and my results a bit slower.  This statement brought to you by the aging process.

I was humbled a few days ago when, as I slide on the plates for a grueling overhead press set, a young dude, thin, not particularly muscular stepped into the squat rack beside me and proceeded to clean and press 50-60 more lbs than what I had set up.  Not cool.

So what is the lesson?  The lesson was, I am not 23 years younger, have not seriously lifted in all that time and have no business trying to outdo a teenager regardless if my claves are the size of his waist.  The lesson for us older, wiser folks is that the wisdom I have gained now will help keep me injury free longer.  Good form is our friend people.  Yes it is a little trying when I am tossing up dumbbells for shoulder presses that are half of what I used to warm up with.  I see myself in some of the younger more zealous guys and know most advice is lost on them.  I try to lead by example and hopefully they learn the lessons the easy way and uninjured.

So yes, getting older has its downside but the bigger bummer is that I have a renewed passion for lifting and am very remiss I gave it up for so long.  Fitness, regardless of your particular passion should be for a lifetime.





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