Plan to Perfection – Part 1


“Big thinking precedes great achievement.” Wilfred Peterson

Plan To PerfectionPart One

For fitness, it is “where you want to be” and for health it’s “how you want to be.”

  1. Visualize your success.  See yourself running that marathon, the scale showing your ideal weight, purchasing those new clothes.
  2. Visualize the perfect you.
  3. Passion will dictate your realistic vision
  4. Optimism is the ultimate key, enthusiasm is the crucial element

Achieving anything, particularly health and fitness wellness is not just a journey; it is a life style change.  Say that with me, “LIFE STYLE CHANGE.”  Not just more exercise, not just a refined diet.  This change will encompass your whole being; body, mind, and spirit (not necessarily in that order but it sounds better that way).  It will be different from anything you have ever undertaken.  Way different if you have never undertaken a daunting endeavor.  It will be HARD and it will take WORK.  That is why having that solidified vision is so integral to keeping your focus over the obstacles that WILL appear in your way.

First things first, you will not find much political correctness in our Plan to Perfection.  We believe in telling it like it is.  Number one is we use the word fat, yes you heard me fat.  A rose by any other name… well you get it.  Our goal is not to coddle you or empathize in your unhealthy state; it is to motivate you to change.  We believe honesty is what it takes to do that.  All three of us came to the brutal realization that we were…say it with me…FAT.  Get it out there, say it a hundred times, tell your friends or spouses you are fat.  Just like this, practice it one time, “Honey, I’m Fat!” Hey (insert friend of choice here), I’m fat!”(although it may come as a shock but they already know).  See how easy that was. 

FAT is not scary, it is gross and debilitating.  Fat is a taboo word and we are determined to eliminate its spirit crushing meaning.  From the moment you decided to read this book you decided to own your FAT, not let your FAT own you.  Get it?  Good.  So you wont hear all the nice terms for fat you maybe used to, or hear excuses as to why you cant lose weight or exercise.  99.7235% (very technical percentage) of all that is BS.  You can do, you will do it, and FAT will disappear, and become nothing more than a tiny three-letter word from your past, like an old girlfriend you rid yourself of.  Imagine the satisfaction now!


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