Plan to Perfection – Part 3

Plan To Perfection: Part Three — The Lean Principles

Plan To PerfectionPart One-3

Let me clarify what we mean when we say FAT.  Two things:

  1. We mean, literally, that we are fat, not husky or thick or whatever PC word you have been using.  Fat is what it is, F.A.T. 
  2. We are also referring to our state of mind and emotion. 

Change is emotional, it takes a toll, and we have gotten to a state of “Fat” mindsets and “Fat” emotional control.  When you have gotten to where the three of us had gotten with regards to our health and physical state, complacency becomes the norm.  Lean and mean is a whole body attitude and all components require change to succeed.  Everything works together or works against each other.  There is no quick fix to one thing and I will say it again, this change is a whole body, mind and spirit change. We all know many thin, fit people who are miserable and we know fat people who are happy.  Once all of our crucial elements align, the physical part becomes much easier.  We have experienced it personally.  Read these, copy them and post them.  Live them:

  • Lean Attitude – Optimistic, realistic, honest with self.  Willing to see the benefits of the changes and actively pursues a better personal state.  Fat attitudes = fat minds and body.
  • Lean Thinking – active progressive, willing to commit and make changes.  Fat thinkers do not move physically or mentally.
  • Lean Actions – We move with purpose now.  We have goals that we can measure and we actively pursue not only improving ourselves but also sharing what we learn with others.  I believe our successes obligate us to help others.

Here is the truth of it all; nobody can make you do this.  No matter the awkwardness of your ill fitting clothes, the loss of shape to your face, the developing front butt, or man-boobs, unless you really want to make these changes it WON’T happen.  It is all up to you! Take this plan to perfection and run with it (and I’m being serious. Go running).


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