Product Review: the Halo Headband and RBar energy bar

During the last race at the Surf City Half in Huntington Beach, CA I was able to try out a couple of new products that really impressed me.  First off was the Halo Headband.  I was skeptical at first because I have trouble keeping headbands in place and once they are soaked with sweat they stop working.  The Halo Protex headband is designed to keep the sweat out of your eyes regardless of saturation.  It has their Sweat Block Seal that channels the sweat away from your face.  It works.  It was very light weight, very comfortable and the seal actually helped keep it in place on my odd shaped head!  We have tested it also in the gym.  It works as well under heavy lifting sessions and I never felt it was a distraction to me during exercise.  I highly recommend this item and it has become a must have item on my race packing check list! 


Secondly is the RBar energy bar.  I am a very picky energy bar eater.  Most things upset my stomach during longer races, cycling or running, so trying another product other than Clif Bars, which I like and have performed ok for me, I wasn’t really interested one way or the other.  Tony and I came across the RBar booth at the Surf City Expo and taste tested the chocolate energy bar (which is not really a bar because its round) and I was very impressed with its taste and consistency.  I am one that will break up my solid food on my rides and put in zip lock baggies for easy access and these lend themselves to being able to do that.  They are not too sticky (which is no good riding or running) and they don’t crumble and fall into a million little inedible pieces. 


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These energy disks are impressive also in the fact that they were invented by an athlete for athletes.  I don’t always believe products are conceived that way…particularly when it comes to endurance nutrition.  I appreciate the fact an athlete has catered to other athletes needs and designed a product that fits the bill.  Check this product out.  I am switching to RBar for the rest of my Ironman training in 2015.


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