Assume The Victory!


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“Assume the Victory” is a journey through the steps of identifying, developing and achieving any goal or “Victory Vision” you choose to set your mind on. Personal testimony, historical examples, inspiring stories of perseverance and triumph, and an over abundance of motivational quotes will help to guide and inspire your understanding of your own “Victory Vision.” Everyone has the inherent desire to succeed; I do not believe anyone wakes with the express purpose to fail each day. “Assume the Victory” will help to reawaken that desire and show you how with a little commitment, and a four letter word called “work,” anyone can achieve dreams never before imagined. This easy to read study of common sense principles take you through several steps of identifying your vision and understanding that positive thinking alone will not produce your desired results. There are challenges to identify and commitments to make, self-discovery to face and learning to be had. You will even see how a notorious figure in history can inspire you to believe in your own ability to conquer fears and ultimately see through to the achievement of your own design. This book is designed to be quick and easy, a reference book to write in, earmark pages and refer to time and time again when the daily doldrums seem to get the better of us. “Assume the Victory” can be your accountability partner to remind us all that no matter where you are in life…you can “ASSUME THE VICTORY “


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