St. Louis Rock – n – Roll Half Marathon

St. Louis Rock – n – Roll Half Marathon!  Success!  PR 2:04:11.  This was a great end to the racing month for me so I thought I needed to share.  It started with a half mary on 10/5…my first road half.  That was awesome as my training partner and I made that leap to a full blown long race.  Up until then it was 5k’s and 10k’s.  13.1 was a milestone…actually 13.1 milestones!  I was fortunate enough to get registered last minute for St. Louis and probably did not really recover right from 10/5 or taper right for STL.  Regardless there I was early morning 10/27 staring at the arch as the sun came up.  Motley Crue was blasting through the speakers at the start line and 13,000 runners were going through all of pre race rituals and “staying warm” activities.

My wave started about 9 minutes after the elite runners took off.  I liked this because it really spread the field out and there was never an issue being to crowded during the run.  Right from the start the streets were lined with people cheering us on.  I believe 10 different cheer squads were on the course and a dozen or so bands played every few miles.  The energy was awesome.

I never felt tired, and really felt I had more mileage in me if it wasn’t for the calf cramps.  Like the previous race around 10.5 miles, my calves cramped for the rest of the run.  It slowed me up and I lost my pace for beating 2 hours in this one.  Next time!  What I found is I just need more miles on my legs to condition them that farther is better…I reached my mileage threshold at 10.5.  Not bad in itself…bad if I need to go 13.1 or farther.

The consensus from all of my research and inquiries is a combo of training and nutrition.  Until this month, my longest run was 9.5 miles with no issues…twice I pushed my legs 4 more miles expecting them to respond…they did…with irritation.

Overall…awesome race.  I will be back.  The bling was stellar, atmosphere killer and the course challenging enough to feel it from start to finish.  It wasn’t cheap, but I got registered late so partly my fault.  Lots of photo ops but they are expensive.  A little disappointed in the photo cost.  $30 per or $70 for all…that’s 2/3 of the entry fee.  Steep in my book so no race photos for me.

Anyway, Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA is next on the list…and I will beat 2 hours!  Run like you stole something!

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