The ball is rolling!

As I stated previously, I have committed to a very aggressive strength training program for 2015…all in preparation for the rigorous race season I have planned, which includes the 2015 Louisville Ironman. Well, the BALL IS ROLLING, my friends.
30 days into my training I realize why I miss lifting so much and why it takes so much concentration and consistency. I like how Hal Higdon puts it…”You start losing your fitness in about 48 hours if you are not consistent.” (He was talking specifically about run fitness but I think it can apply) Well, how about taking 20 years off?!

The first thing I realized was that I had to check my ego at the door and go at it like a beginner. Muscle memory is one thing and it definitely is on its way back, but man oh man. I can’t imagine where I would be had I not stopped training way back when. Well…yes I can and it would be in a different fitness arena than where I am at. Now I consider myself an endurance athlete at heart. I love to run, I love to cycle…I am learning to like swimming again. Had I not stopped training I don’t think I would have had the same outlook on getting fit and pushing my limits as I do now.


There is something about hitting a low that can catapult you to amazing things. And that is where I believe (you have to believe) that I am heading. There are so many things I am learning about how your body reacts to nutrition, training, rest, motivation…all of it. It is a fantastic new world of enlightenment and I am excited at being able to share everything with you. My challenge is going to be balancing all of the things I want to do with all of things I realistically can do. 

Ironman 2015 is my priority but achieving a new level of fitness and well-being will not be compromised getting there. It will be a matter of fortitude and discipline. I hope beyond hope that you continue to follow this journey and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @devolvefit. This is going to be epic and awesome!

Get the ball rolling on your fitness routine this year. It is never too late!


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