The Road to Ironman…2015 Louisville…it’s official!!

Ok team…

The trigger has been pulled and I am officially registered for the 2015 Louisville Ironman!  I have to tell you I am totally nervous with panic and excitement.  This race will mark the single biggest fitness achievement I will have made up to that point.  To help make this a reality, I have been working with a strength coach Pat “I have the clipboard” Mahoney at The Lab Gym.

as been exactly what I needed to help bring my strength, endurance and overall fitness to a much higher level.  Nutrition is a key focus and getting back to my Paleo regime has helped to bring my overall feeling of healthiness back in check.  I have felt stronger and more energized working out than I have in a long time.  (I even took a bicep selfie because I was feeling good about my arm workout…lame I know but…).

I have said this before and I will repeat it…working out in the morning does so much good for your energy and overall well being.  I don’t have specific scientific data to back that up but I know how I feel.  And depending on your goals, working out at different times may benefit you also.  All I am saying is that I have a better, more productive day working out, running, or cycling in the mornings.  Plus your body is a fat burning machine when you wake…no better time to stoke that furnace than first thing out of bed.

With the huge race schedule planned, 10 races in 10 months (read about it at…it will be imperative that I am able to dial in every aspect of what I do to make sure I am prepared and injury free.  I am reflecting on the huge accomplishments that were made in 2014 and preparing for 2015, it is amazing at how what I thought were my goals have either been achieved already or simply don’t look daunting anymore.  Don’t get me wrong…I am terrified as I prepare for the Ironman…I mean seriously scared.  But as I hovered over the submit button for the race for like 2 hours, I reached out to my training partners, friends, and family.  No one, and I mean, no one expressed doubt in my ability to achieve this.  My friend Dan said I was crazy (he’s a triathlete too) but he means that in its “crazy awesome” and he is shooting for that goal too.  My wife Karin, the saint of all patient saints, was the first to say, “You can do this!”  My other training and business partners all resounded with, huge texting hi-fives and encouragement.  That is half the battle for me.  Knowing people believe I can and will support all of the crazy training I will have to do!

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I don’t know what the future brings, but I do know this…after being given the gift of being able to get healthy and have the ability to train and realistically work towards goals such as the Ironman, you have to grab every opportunity to work on yourself and become the best you that you can be.  This journey that I have started documenting and will document through the next 10 months is not just me trying to get to the Ironman, or the other guys involved with dEVOLVE Fitness reaching new health goals and bringing healthy awareness to others.  This is a journey of self discovery in all three areas of mind, body and spirit.

I am excited to share this adventure with everyone.  I know the other guys Tony and Mike are excited as well.  This really has been 30 years in the making and we are dedicated to sharing the good, bad, ugly, raw and exhilarating aspects of the next 10 months.

I hope you follow along maybe just maybe…we can inspire you to push yourself to the next level of a better, awesome you!


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