Training through the funk…

Training through the funk…

It’s about that time of training season where things begin to build up for me.  Fatigue, injury, mental focus.  Being an amateur athlete I have a regular life I must balance as well.  Sometimes it balances well and sometimes not so much.  How do we train through it?  I’m not sure there is really an easy answer.  For me it is asking myself and my coach a lot of questions.  I don’t always like the answers (particularly from myself), but they help me reset and continually stay or get back on track.  It is so easy to miss workouts for dumb reasons.  And I have written on this all before but sometimes I think it is important to keep simple things at the forefront.  A lot of big races will happen over the next few months and there is appoint of no return that we must deal with.

For me, 9/24/17 is the Chattanooga Ironman.  My second full Ironman.  I notice my training this time around has been much more difficult for me.  Mostly recovery but just overall.  My nutrition is better, my overall fitness is way better than two years ago but there are things I struggle with.  

Swimming has been more of a chore this year.  I am relegated to a pool…a warm pool for 99% of my training.  That makes even getting in the workouts grueling.  Every direction outdoors is a hill, so riding and running is a constant battle of rolling mounds.  I will say my cycling has improved over the last year, but focus on that caused my run fitness to slip so I have been playing catchup.

Setting my goals and then re-evaluating them almost weekly has allowed me to stay the course.  Illness, injury, schedules all play a part.  I found being flexible and willing to adjust to what I can do and what time allows has helped me stay positive.  I have had my moments.  Having a coach to help give me some unbiased answers and direction really helps.

So here are a few ideas that have helped me as of late:

  1. Be willing to adjust goals and expectations.
    1. Sometimes we must make these changes for obvious reasons.  Don’t let pride keep you from performing at the best you can with what you have.
  2. Share your frustrations with training or progress with fellow athletes, teammates, or coach.
    1. Keeping it to yourself only brings resentment towards your training and goals.
  3. Listen to your body.
    1. Pay attention to what your body needs.  It may just be rest. But training through sickness or injury will put you further behind than backing off for a bit.
  4. Eat well
    1. Junk in junk out.  You must fuel the machine to perform.  
  5. Hydrate well
    1. Stay hydrated.  Proper hydration goes a long way to overall wellness and felling ready to compete.

Train hard, train safe!

Jeffrey Smith

Previously Fat Guy

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