What is Fat? What is Fit?

What is your perception of FAT? The 350 lb person who needs two seats on a plane? The 40 year old with a beer belly? What about the 98 lb starlet who appears thin but in an almost skeletal fashion?

What is your perception of FIT? The 250 lb linebacker? The Marathoner who is so lean you can see their bones and muscles just under their skin? The sleek and smooth look of a Yoga practitioner? Arnold?

What is fat?What is fit?


We all have different perceptions of what Fit and Fat are but our perceptions aren’t always clear and when we view ourselves in the mirror the image we see isn’t always reality. The best example of this I have ever seen is a cartoon showing a very curvy, sexy woman looking in the mirror and the image she see’s is that of an overweight, cellulite suffering person with horrible skin and hair, conversely the cartoon shows a man, overweight with a huge belly, receding hairline and hair all over, but his image in the mirror is that of a Greek god! Muscles, abs and long curling locks!

Unfortunately, I think the accuracy of this cartoon is at 100%? Women tend to be much more critical of small imperfections and men tend to convince themselves that everything is fine, or better than fine! Well I want to take the mirror and shatter the conventions that we have all been indoctrinated into believing is a healthy body appearance! Over the course of the next several weeks I will discuss what Fit is and what Fat is. Understand I am not JUDGING here just providing you some insight into what society believes and how to demystify the hype that is out there and how you can use this information to be a better you.bicycle-384566

Now, I know that some people will disagree with me, some people will fervently agree with me and most will fall somewhere on the fence. My goal isn’t to convince, debate or imprint my image of Fit or Fat, but to give you the information available today and let you decide on your own, hopefully with enough knowledge to make it a convincing decision for you. I will start with discussing Fat and it’s various forms and then start looking at Fit and maybe re-defining this for you, or at least making you look at it in a different way.



Tony, PFG #3


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