YMCA Mind, Body, Spirit Triathlon

Another awesome race! Where to start…this race offered a number of race options for athletes.

• Sprint triathlon – .5 mile swim, 15 mile bike, 5k run
• Olympic triathlon – .9 swim, 25 mile bike, 10k run
• Duathlon – 1.5 mile run, 15 mile bike, 5k run (option for non-swimmers)
I raced the Sprint triathlon. I did this for two reasons, it fit into my training schedule nicely, and I really wanted to see how my training was paying for these shorter attempts. My last race in New York was “ok” but not stellar and I couldn’t really figure out what I had missed in training. So this race was a great chance to see if I had addressed some training concerns and if they were paying off.

Swim – Picture perfect! Weather was great, water temp was warm (too warm for wetsuits) but very comfortable. I knocked this out of the water (pun intended)! : 17:12 and I was out heading to transition. That’s my fastest swim in any condition. Needless to say I was stoked hitting the sand and heading to my bike. Now there was quite a distance from the water to the bike transition so that technically counts as part of the swim so my actual “swim” time shows :18:44…but my only real concern was time in the water.


Transition 1 – smooth and easy and I was out on the road in about 2.5 minutes. One of my fastest T1 times also. I credit this to my area setup. Making sure my things were arranged in order of me needing them. (I worked on this because my wife is a fantastic organizer so I tried to think of how she would arrange things).

Bike – I was very happy with my ride. Official time says :50 minutes. I was shooting for :45. My watch says :48. I think the extra 2 minutes was coming into the dismount area having to un-clip and walk bike into transition. Good ride, no issues. Maintained 18.7 mph for the ride. My fastest to date. Hard to be too upset.

T2 – Again. I was in and out fast. 2 minutes on the nose I believe. Good organization again. (Thanks honey!)

Run – :27:58. A nice quick run after the bike. I was able to average a 9:05 min/mile with my 3rd mile coming in at 8:58. Not breaking land speed records here but on moderately tired legs it was way faster than the NY race where I was almost 1.5 minutes slower on the run.
Overall very happy with this short race.

This race gave me much confidence going into my last few weeks of Louisville Ironman training (10/11/15)! EEEEk!


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