You Can Run a 5K

GOTR 5KAnother post by guest-blogger, Linda Doty.

It’s Spring. And you know what that means, right?

With spring, there are a whole lotta 5K runs coming up out there. And YOU can do one!

Do you know how I know you can do one? Because I have done a few of them and I never thought I could do them but I did.

Here’s what I learned about 5Ks from the ones I’ve done:

  • A 5K is only 3.1 miles so maybe you’ll feel better if you can it a 3.1M instead. It sounds easier, maybe.
  • While there are lots of people who are there to be super competitive and run their race in, like, 13 minutes or something, most are not there for that.
  • You’re only competing with yourself and your first race is a gimme ’cause that’s where you set your baseline.
  • Some people don’t even run, they walk it.  You can walk a 5K in less than an hour if you walk briskly.
  • Some people (ahem) do short, but very dramatic, angst-ridden, intervals of running and then walk the rest
  • You can run the downhill parts and walk the uphill parts if you want
  • If you do the race with your kids, you can make them push you on the uphill parts but only if they didn’t run super far ahead of you way back at the start of the race, which mine always did.
  • You’ll probably get a t-shirt and then you can wear it all the time like you’re this accomplished athlete who runs 5Ks and doesn’t steal Reese’s peanut butter eggs from her kids’ Easter baskets.
  • Less than an hour isn’t that much time so stop being a big baby and just sign up for one already.

Some people train for their 5Ks once they sign up. There are even resources out there to help you.  There is a program many use called Couch to 5K.  Sometimes the Couch to 5K is abbreviated C25K but don’t freak out – nobody has to go 25K. Yet. There are also apps for your mobile phone to help you with this training.

The C25K programs start you off walking with short bursts of running and you build up your stamina and the running parts get longer and the walking parts get shorter. It’s all very complex. I tried doing it but I’m not coordinated enough to walk and try to read my phone to see whether I’m supposed to be walking or running and one time my body went into walk mode while my treadmill went into run mode and I shot off the end of it like a circus monkey.

Do a C25K training program at your own risk, is what I’m saying.

There are lots of resource on the web to help you find a 5K in your area. For example, Runner’s World has a Race-Find page that lets you search for races in your area. Some race finder sites will give you details about the course – whether it’s an easy run or a challenging one.  Google is your friend; you can use the power of the Interwebs to find the kind of race that is right for you.

So do it. Search one up. Register. Train. Do it because Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs will soon be here followed closely by swimsuit season.

If I can do one, you can. I believe in you.

Besides, I’m gonna need someone to push me up the hills.



Linda Doty claims to be a writer, mostly because she’s already quit her other job and ‘writer’ sounds way more impressive than bum. You can see her work in several places besides her mother’s refrigerator. She’s contributed to a couple hilarious books available on Amazon. She occasionally blogs at You can follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @LindaInDisguise.

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